Moon Pioneer-Moon Pioneer v2.11.1 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Free Rewards)

Moon Pioneer-Moon Pioneer v2.11.1 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Free Rewards) title=

Moon Pioneer

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Moon Pioneer gives you a completely new empire to freely build structures that mark significant milestones for humanity. It sounds strange, right, but this is entirely true; you have not heard wrong! Players will have the opportunity to set foot on the moon to explore its existence with many other allies. Can you successfully fulfill the mission of a leader of civilization change?


Players will transform into the leader of an army known as the suicide army. This journey is fully empowered to you when the excellent task weighs heavily on your shoulders. Overall, Moon Pioneer is a game of the core-building genre; when players embark on this journey, they will start from scratch. Everything here will be transformed into a completely different image from the original from your hands and brain.


To do that, players will have to collect and use those resources for different constructions. These masterpieces seemed like a dream, but now, with Moon Pioneer, everything is possible. Just like that, this world will increase in the amount of material wealth and people. This will become the foundation for the future; humanity can set foot to live on the moon.


We allow you to collect oil, which is also the first command and command given to you. You and your friends will have to extract as much oil as possible. From this valuable resource, you will begin to build different special bases. A safe haven is a top goal when every day, you have to put on a heavy outfit that is extremely tiring. If possible, you should be able to shelter here after each mission comfortably.


Not stopping there, you can also build many different large and small factories to continue the quest to exploit the mysterious potential of an unpredictable number of the moon. The ultimate goal of the group is to find a life for people one day not far away; people can come here to live and develop like the earth. Not only that, but these things also add positive energy to the earth when this place is gradually depleted.