My City: New York-My City: New York v3.0.0 APK (Full Game Unlocked)

My City: New York-My City: New York v3.0.0 APK (Full Game Unlocked) title=

My City: New York


Crisp laughter and lots of fun sound when players experience the activities in My City: New York. It brings you to the colorful modern city for players to explore. The game is a new entry in the My City series of games, taking the characters on a tour of New York City to experience all of the cultures of this city. The game is suitable for many ages, especially for children who want to explore famous tourist destinations.


My City: New York will simulate for players all the entertainment activities available in the most modern American city that many people wish to go to. The game is produced by My Town Games Ltd, a leading company producing game genres for children. You will become a group of young tourists who want to explore every corner of this city. Many famous places like the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, or a city circus, etc., you will be able to visit all while playing the game.

Pack your backpack and hit the road with many other young people to experience all the exciting activities. The tour guides for you will be the children living in this city, taking you on a cultural tour of food, entertainment, etc. In a multi-ethnic country, the young people in the city have many different skin colors, which is not too surprising. This is also a humane message to educate children to be racially equal.


First, to prepare for a trip you need to go to the ticket counter. After the plane lands in New York, the system will give detailed instructions on the schedule of the interesting visit. Facing your eyes will be massive buildings and splendid yachts. You will stay in a luxury hotel and experience many places around the city. Follow your little friends to visit the food court, amusement park, tourist area.

You will enjoy many dishes such as ice cream, bread, fried chicken at the street food. Remember to enjoy the bold flavors of this city’s culture. Visit the famous statues of America all in My City: New York. The statues or fountains are very attractive to tourists to visit. Here you will learn the polite information and the meaning of each statue if you are interested.


Stepping into the fashion area with many clothing shops, you will be able to choose the set of clothes you like. Become a stylish person like the people living in this top city. You will be led around the clothing stores to shop freely. The costumes are also designed extremely eye-catching suitable for young people.

After the exhausting and dusty journey, you will be relaxing in the hair salon. Provide players with the best services to take care of their hair. Your hair will be washed, and your hair will be fresh. Choose for yourself a beautiful hairstyle and hair color to renew your style. The staff in the salon are professional and hospitable, so you can rest assured.


Go through 8 locations for you to experiences such as restaurants, fashion boutiques, the Statue of Liberty, and more. Players can also participate in fun puzzle challenges in the amusement parks to bring themselves cute gifts. You can go to the park to see animals or visit a souvenir shop, etc. In addition, My City: New York also organizes picnics so you can interact with many friends.

There are up to 20 characters from different places for you to control and change their appearance. Watch popular Broadway shows or go to a concert. All the fun you want is in the game, giving players endless experiences. The game also specially designed beautiful cartoon graphics for the little ones to participate in. Combined with vibrant sounds will take you to a modern American city.

Do you want to learn the culture, food, landscape of New York City with just your mobile device? Experiencing all entertainment activities and gaining knowledge is easy with My City: New York. Visit all the beautiful and famous places for you to have useful entertainment moments. In addition, this is also a suitable game for young children to have fun and learn more with the activities in the game.